Saturday, February 27, 2010

It's very hard to find good people (students)

If you're like me, a teacher, who has been conducting a course for some time now, you will find there's all types of people. The reason I conduct this Artiste Training Course is because I find there's a need for all aspiring artistes and those just wanting to learn a new skill. People come and go, but at least I hope to impart them some knowledge I've earned in extremely hard ways. To teach is not easy, because I don't want to sound too "I-know-all" but rather be fair to all my students, because they're all very different.

Seriously, I always make it very clear to all my students that you're taking this course to learn, not a way to get a job from me. Some people think like that, and it'll greatly affect the way they behaved during class. Knowledge is something that stays with you, not a job. A job comes and go. Same as money. Money comes and go too. The money you pay for the course is not making me, a teacher any profit whatsoever. But rather, the money you paid will ensure that you attend all the classes. The money you paid is a form of commitment in ensuring you really come and get the best out of each class session. It's all about you.

Thankfully, I got this new group of students who are good, and with the potential to be great. (refer to pictures) Below are some comments I wrote about their visualisation exercise. They are:
1) Andrew, inspiring and detailed vision. Just need to portray the environment more vividly.
2) Daniel, current thinking and very attuned to local politicians' behavior that is verging across to stereotypical persona.
3) Daniella, simple and singular in her visual performance. Need to work more on her lower body movement.
4) Justin, fantastic stuntman that able to portray panic and sudden death. Only flaw is the building of dramatic momentum before the actual climax.

The course you take is all about you. Don't worry or even care who's coming or not. Those absent will miss the lesson, and in fact, you should be glad, because it means you get my extra attention. With my attention, you can make use of me. And that's exactly what I want all my students to do! Ask me all the questions you want about the lessons. Our classroom acts as a form of virtual stimulation environment that will make you effective as an artiste, when after that, you'll be fully-equipped mentally (hopefully)in the real industry setting. The realities of our local entertainment industry can be very bleak for some who aspires a lot. To cope with that troubling emotion, I always advise my students to take it easy.

Don't be hard on yourself. Have fun. The future is not written in black and white. Everything is uncertain. Embrace it, and who knows, you'll be someone great in your chosen line of work! Then I'll go ask you for a job.