Friday, February 12, 2010

Casting this Sunday & some tips what you should NOT do

There will be casting this Sunday. Those selected will receive an email from Mr.Liew. In the email, selected talents are required to only send (or call) a text message stating where you want to wait: either at LRT Wangsa Maju (in front of Newsplus newspaper stand) or V2 Cybercafe. This is because I will be there to gather and bring you to the casting place (an apartment flat area), so some walking is required.

Talents, please don't call Mr.Liew and request silly things like: bringing a friend along (your friend must send a profile first & must receive a reply from us, or else he/she cannot attend) or say you forgot the email to send your profile and request Mr.Liew about the email again. It will reflect very badly on YOU as a talent.

When you call, please do not TALK DOWN on Mr.Liew or with an intimidating or sexy (seductive) tone of voice. Your call will be disconnected immediately. Safer way for you is to just text message (sms).

Mr.Liew and myself can NEVER treat you differently from other talents because you try to "seduce" or "joke" with him on phone. Or tell about your background about where you're from or how far you've come to attend the casting, simply because we're NOT interested in that. We are looking for ACTING talent, so bring your talent and nothing else. Fairness is our work ethics.

Again this is CASTING. It doesn't mean you get the job. If you receive a reply email from us, it simply means you possess the LOOK we are looking for the part. You haven't got the job yet. NOTE: In the casting session, I will take your photos and post it on this blog for the director/producer to view. Talents can post your comments here or vote for who is your favourite talent via comment post. We appreciate talents who are HUMBLE and willing to learn. So for those talents coming this Sunday, BE:
PUNCTUAL: 1.30pm (if you're late, we will move on without you. Then you have to find the place yourself)
PREPARED: an English script will be given & record your performance.
YOUR BEST SELF: No diva, or sexy or try-to-be-cute, smarter-than-you attitude.

If you follow these, your casting session with us will be a smooth ride! We are nice people and we expect you to be the same. Drinks will be served during casting, aren't we nice or what?