Monday, January 4, 2010

Our class is becoming international, from Ireland to Zimbabwe.

The year started with such a bang when our Artiste Training Course now goes beyond just Malaysia. As you can see, our students now come from as far as Ireland, China and Zimbabwe. Darren is from Ireland and he's now taking our Film Directing Course (now inclusive with editing subjects in Pinnacle & Corel Video Studio). Mofein is from Zimbabwe and he's taking our Acting Course. The fusion between these 2 subjects is crucial, so that both aspiring Actor and Film Director get to work in a real stimulated environment. The students also learn better in communicating their opinions and ideas when in an actual shooting session.

Aspiring artistes should look beyond just their own home. They can go anywhere in this world, when they are deeply equipped with the right skill sets, attitude and knowledge through our Artiste Training Course. A solid education stays with you no matter where you are.

Get a more international outlook from our Artiste Training Course. Registration starts this month for the new intake. Limited places only. Call Mr.Liew 012-2350091 (after 1pm) for enquiries. Our next open class is 9th January, 10am at section 2, Wangsa Maju. The world is your oyster.