Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Would you rather stand behind the door?

It's true when your parents and friends tell you that it's risky being an actor or singer. There's no consistent income like what you'll get from a steady job. You attend a hundred castings, and only a few call you back. (even the call backs aren't a guarantee you clinch the job) You'll wait for months, even years before you truly can establish yourself as an artiste. You'll have to bear with different types of creative personalities (some can be extreme). Wait a minute, isn't this sounds similar to any other jobs?

You see, people who aspires to become real artistes ain't in it for the money. They are all there, committed and passionate, simply for one thing: the ART. Once you get your mind focused on that, you won't worry much about dealing with other people's overinflated egos (even your own) and be more comfortable and relax within yourself. Of course the first few steps in becoming an artiste are the hardest few steps. You'll certainly need some form of guidelines and knowledge to get you standing on your own two feet. Real artistes are not empty vessels, they are brimming with creativity and knowledge. They are those courageous few(even outlandish types), who are inspired to step into the limelight and claim their place in the world.

Or would you rather remain standing where you are... right behind the door?