Tuesday, September 1, 2009

"So I have the connections. But do you have the spark?"

Connections. This word came to my mind since last week, when an aspiring student asked me whether I've got any in the film industry. He was desperate to know what connections I could provide him upon enrollment in the Artiste Training Course. Then, I threw back a question to him "do you have the spark to start the connection?"

Many aspiring artistes tend to think that in order to break into the entertainment industry, you've got to have some connection with the people already in the industry. Yes, some connection with people you know may help, albeit very very little. In the course of my career, I have worked with some very good local film directors like Meor Shariman, Shuhaimi Baba and Kabir Bhatia. Do you think I have any connection with any of them when I started out? No. It was all based purely on my talent ingenuity. But aspiring artistes, you must bear in mind, do you have the goods to back you up when I finally present you with the so-called connection?

Look at it this way: the marketplace. In this scenario, you will have the product (that's you), the buyer (film producers, directors etc) and middleman. If I were the middleman with all the connections in the world, what benefit does it do for you if you don't have the knowledge to back up your product? The chap who raised the question of connection to me last week is looking for a quick way to fame by thinking of joining in our Artiste Training Course. Instead of asking for quick fame in our course, shouldn't he be more realistic and look inside himself and asked what he could offer? Adjusting your perception level is vital. That's really the core purpose of our Artiste Training Course: to uncover your hidden talent and keep your mind realistic.

About providing you with the contacts or connections, the chap who asked me this question should be less negative in his approach. He thought the entertainment industry is all about connections, hidden away beyond the reach of any normal aspiring artiste. Not true at all. I do send my students for special casting sessions, and why do you think I do that? Because that is the best time for you to create the so-called "connection". The chap asking me the connection question was probably thinking offers would pour on his lap without him taking any actions. But actions are required. Attend the castings and form the relationships.

Replace the ugly word "connection" to forming relationships. The chap who asked me the question positions himself as someone who is struggling. Why do you have to suffer this way when all it takes is a change in your thinking pattern? People in the entertainment industry are humans after all. If you show sincerity in forming good relationships, then you have it. I know it's hard to be friendly to people who doesn't want to know you. So what? Move on and get to know other people.

Like in any other industry when you're starting out, do not ask what you can get. Rather you should enquire: what you can offer. Selfish artistes who only think of themselves and always ask "what can I get?" is easily detected (they are usually rude, complains alot, demanding, easily frustrated and give up). And do you think their careers would last? Be a positive artiste and think of ways to contribute your talents. That way, a fresh new perspective will dawn on you. Before you can do that, you'll need to properly adjust your mental state in one that gives you fresh ideas and strategies in charting your talent. Here's where our Artiste Training Course can truly benefits you. Upon completion of the course, you will finally be able to create your own "connections", and not needing mine. And that's truly a rare talent artiste.