Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Importance of Being Media Free

Many of us aspires to become an artiste for various reasons: money, fame, popularity, recognition. A good artiste will question him or herself the source of where these reasons come about. In other words, "how do i come about to aspire to be an artiste?" Nobody who is born in this world automatically shouts "I want to be an artiste!".

It is through a complex life process that everyone goes through from childhood to adulthood. Through these series of life events, that eventually the seeds of desire are sown into our motivation. The pursuit in becoming an Artiste has to be deeply anchored into the reasons from "why?" Now, the most common reasons are usually heavily influenced by the media. For example, when we watch an actor acting out his role so heroically onscreen, we are inspired to do the same. The media is filled with these figures of glamour, that try to personify the definition of an artiste. But how wrong and even dangerous this definition can be.

What happen if your physical or looks do not match the requirements? Should you give up totally in becoming an artiste? Hence, it is very important advice I want to depart to all my fellow aspiring artiste friends here: try to stay away from the influence of the mainstream media as much as possible.

The mainstream media consists of television, cinema, radio and newspapers (even advertising). Be aware of what makes up your motivation in becoming an artiste. When your reasons in pursuing a specific artiste skill is clear (meaning not influenced by the mainstream media in any way), then the pursuit of your goals will be easier and clearer (not to mention you won't get disappointed that easily)

You should never let your definition of success be dictated by the mainstream media as it should be. Here's an idea: why can't you define your own success? Through our Artiste Training Course, you will discover how unconventional we are in instilling the various value disciplines of becoming an artiste to our students. Our approach is focused more on the individual's own capacity to grow into the skills of choice ( be it acting, TV presentation, modelling or singing) In other words, we nurture you to grow into your artiste self. We don't find the way for you, we let the way grow into you.