Thursday, July 23, 2009

"You know exactly how I feel" ~ Nor

I love to bring all my students to special castings whenever there's a chance. Recently, I took a few of my students for a very popular malay drama casting. I got one particular student name Nor. She's a wonderful student and really take instructions well. Another one of my student, Zul came late, because he got lost, causing the whole group to be late for an hour. A good lesson for those of you who are joining in a group casting: ALWAYS BE ON TIME. I've already informed Zul ahead of time about where to meet, so that should able him to search for the place.

Upon arrival of the casting office, I met some of my ex-students, who have become working artistes in their own rights. One artiste name Mimi was there, and I was very happy to see how well she is and the work she's been doing. I've helped her clinch her first beauty product endorsement and now she's an artiste. We talked, and before leaving, she requested me to send her for commercial jobs if any. Will take note. The other talents I've met also come to me with similar requests: commercial jobs.

It got me thinking, what is the appeal of being in a TV commercial? One thing: the level of pay for a majority of commercial jobs at this time are not up to par. Secondly, it's extremely specific profile for any kind of commercial jobs, which means not everyone can be in commercial. Thirdly, the competition for commercial jobs are very stiff. Again, the ability of properly adjusting and matching your skill levels as an artiste to the industry needs is not yet present among the talents I met at the audition that day.

Before I send my student Nor for the recorded casting, I took her aside and coached her in her script. I understand she's very new (just into her 3rd week of class with me), and there's a lot of understanding involved in interpreting a script. Thank goodness, in that short time I managed to help her focus on understanding what the script demands. She was very happy with her audition. After the casting, I looked at her and advised her not to think about the audition anymore. What is done is done. I told her that her first audition with me should inspire her to go for more auditions in the future. She turned to me, smiled and said I knew exactly what she was feeling.