Sunday, July 12, 2009

People has got to KNOW YOU!

The life of an artiste is extremely dependent on KNOWLEDGE. Yes, a fact so many new and aspiring artistes deny. Knowledge in the arts. Knowledge in presenting yourself. Knowledge in acting. Knowledge in communication. In a nutshell, to jumpstart a career in artiste you'll simply have to learn.

Let's investigate why so many aspiring artistes don't want or failed to learn. I have to admit that in our industry, it is not nurturing by nature. NURTURANCE is a form of positive building and enhancing relationship with the person in achieving his/her goals in life. Now if you watch any current reality show, you will witness a majority of these so-called "mentors" or "judges" actually tears down the artiste's aspirations. Maybe they don't have good parents.

Another more important reason is because new artistes want to be known quickly, to be famous quickly and just thinking fame is a quick way to call themselves "artiste". Being famous is not bad a thing. A great thing, in fact! But how long do you think that will lasts? Remember: if you want to be known quickly, you'll be forgotten just as fast. Fame is a double edged sword. People will recognise you, doesn't mean they will like you. How are you going to handle that? Knowledge.

Once knowledge is with you, then your work really starts. And what is that one extreme important work? Getting people to KNOW you! Can you see the correlation now? KNOWLEDGE and KNOWING you? It comes from the same root word: KNOW. Hence, to be able to call yourself a true artiste, people has just got to pay attention to YOU! If not, you will cease to exist in the artiste world. Start now by getting the knowledge first. That will give you a strong foundation in dealing whatever circumstances in life as an artiste.