Saturday, July 18, 2009

How to lose weight mentally

It's all in your head! I have students who come to me with their insecurities about their bodies. Hey, who doesn't? I told them they should love their bodies as they were. Thank god more for giving a young body that still functions. Have you seen immobile elderly folks in the hospital?

Of course the demands of our artiste industry is such that you need to have a good body. Depending on which artiste field you want to venture, 70 percent of the time, you need to have a good looking body (for boys and girls). You'll be surprised too that some of the good-looking bodied talents come to me and say they look fat. I told them, IT'S ALL IN YOUR HEAD!

I also got other talents with more than proportionate body and they don't seem to complain at all. They are just happy the way they are. And that's a healthy attitude to have. But my advise to aspiring artistes in this group is: try to attain a more presentable body proportions if possible. It's a very physical world out there. First impressions are always on the whole body. For those on the plus-size, I advise them to straighten their spine and walk straight, so as to cover their other sides that is "overflowing".

Another tip I can give to those who wants to lose some weight is to wear your clothes A SIZE SMALLER. You may feel tight, but that really push a warning button in your head whenever you feel like going out to eat more fatty, fried foods. Especially your intimates (meaning your undies) because that clothing part is most attached to your waistline.

See, you don't have to resort to plastic surgery or such. And oops, one more point. Try to EXERCISE whenever possible. You don't have to jog up the hill or lift weights. The purpose of exercise to force you to take in LONG DEEP BREATHS. Becaue through that, you really burn those fats away. Just simply choose to walk instead of driving to your friend's place, unless it's very far. Drink plenty of water and cut down the smoking.

In conclusion, it's all in your head! When you choose to consciously lose weight and visualise a healthy body, naturally you will become. No fret...and take it easy. Here, now you know my secrets.