Friday, July 3, 2009

Becoming a Malaysian artiste is super "fun"!

Yes indeed. Firstly, to qualify yourself to be an artiste: be sure to come from a super clean family background. Better still, if one of your mother or father or any of your relatives is or used to be an artiste. Next, you need to possess the right looks: for the girl must be fair complexion, long lustrous hair and slim with round hips and boobies. For the guy, your tall height is a plus, your body muscular and hunky. Lastly, be sure your attitude is right and never ever get yourself caught in any controversy whatsoever! Be careful of who you date and make sure you're not caught in seclusion with the opposite sex. Or in this ultra conservative times (in Malaysia), the same sex! Don't go party late in night, got drunk and end up in a sex party. Or get your names printed on the tabloids everywhere. Don't divorce your husband or wife after you're an artiste, for fear of being called ungrateful or "sudah lupa diri". If anybody approaches you and he or she is a datuk/datin (someone with title), be sure to stay at minimal contact with that person. You don't want to be labelled as someone's anak ikan/artis simpanan (kept artiste). Always be courteous to the press, even when they asked you personal questions. All in all, just be nice to everyone else and not yourself.

Sounds tiresome isn't it? How many of us mortal folks here can decide where we come from? Especially our family background? Even more impossible is our physical attributes. So if you're a bit on the plus-size, you should forget your dream? Let me refute that claim "NO WAY!" I am telling you that YOU can be a great artiste just being who you are, despite your personal preference, be it your sexuality, your date, family background and physical attributes.

I assure you that with your talents alone you can go far. But before that, you need to discover what talents God has given you. No point saying "I want to be an artiste" but not knowing (with strong conviction and faith) what your real talents are. You need some form of guidance and outline in helping you venture into this super "fun" world we in Malaysia called "artiste". Hey, the good thing about joining us is: we have NO criteria whatsoever to accept you and help you in fulfilling your dream! At the least, along the way in learning to be an artiste, you'll truly experience the REAL fun we all had in our current artiste training sessions. So ready to put on your fun cap for Artiste Training Course?