Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Boastfulness: A matter of what and why.

Boastfulness. A quality particularly rampant in our industry. Everybody does it. We boast about the beauty of our country. Car salesman boast the engine of their cars. Mothers boast about the success of their children in school. Women boast about their experiences, good and bad. Men boast about their achievements, extraordinary and sometimes really insignificant. Singers boast about the awards they won. Actors boast about the films they were in. And film directors boast about their international projects. For artistes, boastfulness transforms into self-promotion.

The reason people boasts differ. Some boasts to ace the job interview. To win the heart of a girl. And the worst reason of all: to show how good they are. Showing other how good you are in your job is not a bad thing. But the reason of it is to illicit some form of admiration or jealousy can be potentially dangerous. Now to all aspiring artistes here reading, I sincerely advise you to be careful of what you boasts. Doesn't mean you had starred in this number of commercials, you are already qualified for the job. I have students and talents who come for casting, showing me their certicates and "awards" in gaining the title of best actor in their school/college plays. But when in actual audition, this talent forgot his script and gave no portrayal of the character in any way at all. A little bit of SELF-DOUBT is good for you. And why?

Self-doubt automatically makes you THINK. To have different perspectives of what your capabilities really are. It also makes you open to other people's ideas. When you are boastful, your mind only works in one direction: relishing the joy of how superior you are towards others. It doesn't encourage you to cooperate and understand what the other party is saying. Some people boasts to hurt other people's reputation. And that is the worst form of boasting of all. Because it hides under the pretense of success. The sort of success preached in our fame-crazed media. And before you know it: the things you boast about doing suddenly becomes obsolete because of some drastic changes (beyond any human control like an act of God)such as death or loss of funds etc.

In conclusion, to boast what you had accomplished in the past is only good when you add a bit more self-examination in the way you present it (that's where our Artiste Training Course will help you). And to boast what you're going to achieve in the future should be anchored strongly with caution and humility because the future is not in our hands.