Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Who says you need to be a Top Model to do photoshoot? Look at my students.


A lot of people thinks that you can only be a top model to do photoshoots. Well, I am here to prove them all wrong. In my class trainings, I make sure each one of my students get the opportunity to do a photoshoot. Their profiles are kept at a reputable company with a large database of local and international clients.

That way, they are able to learn how to pose and model way ahead, even before they enter into real artiste work of their choice. It is important for every aspiring artiste to learn posing, because it helps them in their self-confidence. The students posing is Sharifah. The rest of the students who are waiting are also trained to be patient, while waiting for their turns. It's very similar with the real world of photoshoots. This way, every student get to exercise their mentality and discipline in coping with the real world of artiste.