Saturday, May 23, 2009

The ones not selected usually learns more...


The casting went fantastic! All the models who came showed great potential. But we can only select 6 models, and a lot of models turned up! Those who were not selected, please don't give up. Continue to try again. After a few rounds of catwalking tests and personal one-on-one interview, it's really hard to eliminate the models, because they ALL have great potential. The models who turned up came from various backgrounds: a majority are still studying, a few who just graduated and already working.

It's important for the so-called client and models to adjust their schedules accordingly and give ALL information beforehand (be transparent, no hiding any information). I was surprised that my ex-student who was organising this event for her music bands, did not try to set a meeting and talk with me before the casting session, to inform me about the impromptu photoshoot (next day after casting) and the press conference on Wednesday. All information MUST be made clear to me before a casting should take place! And what added the workload for me is her absence on the actual day of casting (so vital for her to be there to see the models and be familiar with them first instead of sending someone else to replace her), which leaves a number of the selected models confused about the location of her studio in Shah Alam the next day of photoshoot. In the end, I have to attend all my models' calls and that furthers the delay more. This will surely lead to a lot of silly blaming game, which I will not accept and waste my time with. I heard one of the bands came late for the photoshoot, delayed further by another late photographer which disrupts the whole schedule! (goodness gracious, more DRAMA!)

On a brighter note, I was so happy for the models because besides the runway shows, they will also be in a photo shoot with the indie bands (are they cool or dowdy, tell me fellow selected models? post your comments here), plus a press conference: good experience for the first-timers. After the announcement of which models were selected (they are: Joanna, Sasha, Nor Dayana, Amylia and Melanie), I brought those who didn't make the cut to the side and explained to them why they weren't selected. Some of them were eager to know about their mistakes, and that's a good attitude to have! It doesn't mean you didn't make it for this casting, you won't make it in the next one. TRY AGAIN. The purpose of casting is NOT clinching the job. Personally, I find those who didn't make it actually LEARNS more than those who do. Once you know your mistakes, you know you should immediately take ACTION to correct them. One way to do that can be taking an artiste training course. Everyone is different, therefore, don't feel defeated or any less good by comparing yourself with those who were selected. Your time will come. Keep trying, and learn how to better yourself. For those who were not selected, please STILL make yourself available and on stand-by. Who knows, maybe one of the selected girls didn't turn up, and you could replace her! Keep your faith, girls!

LATEST NEWS: One of the selected models didn't turn up on time and missed the photoshoot on Sunday. Now, one of the stand-by models shall be picked for the event. I wonder who will it be...