Friday, May 29, 2009

Find a hat that fits, dummy!

I've encountered many strange talents. I don't mean they look weird or come from outer space. From the outside, they all look perfectly decent and normal enough (which can be quite boring sometimes) I thought the interview is going well, until this particular talent opens his mouth. He said "I want to be a commercial model". Now, no slimy tentacles or viper snake shoot out from his mouth when he said this. It's just how he uttered his expectations.

I gave him a second look, and re-evaluates him again. I asked him if he has any other fields besides commercial talent, and he still insisted "I want to be a commercial model, ONLY!!" Now, you guys may think his intentions are noble enough, and persistent. But if you did have a chance to look at him like I have to, you will be surprised by his somewhat exaggerated dreams. I hate to crush people's dreams, because I do believe if you try hard enough, you might achieve it. But this guy's height was under 170cm, and his body was kinda skinny to the bones (not to mention his crops of adult acne all over his face! URGH!).

Now look, there is a lesson everyone here can take out from this situation. KNOW YOUR TALENTS. If you don't have the height, don't come to me and say you want to be a commercial model. I can't help you. I could only advise you to adjust your somewhat crazy expectations. Back to the poor guy, I gave him an option "Why don't you try ACTING?" Now that's a field almost everyone, regardless of their physical and age constraints can pursue. "But I don't like acting, I only want to be a commercial model" Here's what I mean by having an OPEN-MIND. Doesn't mean you try acting, your chances of becoming a commercial talent will slip away.

In fact, ACTING is a highly-developed and holistic set of skills, in which you need to acquire and learn even for existing models. The set of skills you need to learn are endless, but all of it you can use in your EVERYDAY life, both personal and professional. Skill sets like: articulation, self-presentation (during casting session), script interpretation, memory, recall, characterisation, body language and even modelling are just a few of the important subjects covered in our Artiste Training Course and essential in becoming a good actor. So why not learn acting?

That poor guy gave me an angry look, as if I am rejecting him. I told him not to be so narrow-minded, because the artiste world is the same, no matter what fields you choose to start from. And for him, it's good for him to start in acting, considering his angry expression was very well-presented. Then he began to settle down, and thanked me. As he walked out from the office, he gave me a swagger that further confirms my evaluation.