Saturday, May 16, 2009

Eliminate all friends who say you can't

I know the word "eliminate" is a tad harsh. But necessary! Eliminate here doesn't mean you kill or murder. It simply means cut off or minimise any form of communication. In your pursuit as an artiste, how many of us constantly find our dream being dragged down by our friends and even relatives' sinister remarks that always discourage us?
You're too short-la, cannot model.
You not handsome enough-la, who wants you?
Your English not good-la, how can?
You're too old, time to get marry, not chasing after silly dreams.

These remarks may not come in a loud manner, but in a very quiet and subconscious manner. It's sad that all these negative remarks come from our so-called "friends". Friends whom we trusted to be by our side and encourage us. Friends whom we thought would give us a word of encouragement. If they don't, ELIMINATE them from your Facebook, Twitter or handphone book number.

It is very harsh, but you cannot live your life as an Artiste, with these people hovering you once in awhile asking you out for "yamcha" (tea). They will only sap away your energy and leave you just like them: unambitious, negative and "boring". Some of these so-called friends are there to use you as their punching bag, a reflection of their poor selves. The more you mix with them, the lesser your determination in realising your dream. Eliminate all of them. If that leaves you with no friends at all, so be it. You become clearer and less clutter. Your horizons and objective become clearer and easier for you to set the next course of action. The life of an artiste can be lonely sometimes.

You as a future Artiste, needs to evaluate your friends again, and see who is encouraging you instead of pulling you down. There's simply no time to waste. After you had eliminated them, join a group that is supportive of your dream in becoming an Artiste. This group is extremely hard to find and rare. Like our Artiste Training Course group, we encourage each other in doing their best. We share information about any castings and tips. We also share with each other's problems in encountering any difficult situations. This way, you will only grow. And not as lonely without friends as you might think.