Sunday, May 17, 2009

Attention to Aspiring FEMALE Models who is NOT tall & beautiful enough, casting this Saturday 23rd May, 12 noon

WARNING: I'm NOT looking for models who looks like in the picture. I understand NOT many people in this world looks like this. I myself looks normal enough, so why don't give normal-looking gals a chance to model as well? So you want to do the runway but don't know how? You think you're not tall or skinny enough, so what? Here in my blog, I am offering an opportunity to aspiring first-time "normal-looking" models a chance to trailblaze their dream. A new artiste first venturing into the entertainment industry needs experience. Without experience, nobody will ever know (or trust) your capabilities. Newcomers must take whatever is given, for the sake of building up a good portfolio. You cannot be choosy or demanding over pay. I remember when I first model, I did it for the sake of publicity even though I'm not paid for it. Who cares about the pay, when someone in the crowd watching it is a talent rep, film director or producer? The publicity is priceless. Specially for all FEMALE followers of this blog, I am now opening it to you. Casting is this Saturday 12noon at TAMAN AMAN, NEARBY LRT TAMAN PARAMOUNT. Those wanting to attend the casting, kindly POST a comment here or email to For students, you can simply reply with an sms.

You see, our criteria for models this show is very flexible. You don't have to be very tall or exremely beautiful. We are opening it now to you, the normal-looking gal who thinks she can NEVER makes it in the world of modelling. We are opening it now to you, the dejected model-wannabe who is not tall or beautiful by modelling standards. The fashion show will be on 11 June. Rehearsals are given, so you will learn how to walk properly on the catwalk. On the day of the show, make-up and hairdo is provided so you will look glamorous. By the way, we only need 6 girls. Model talent fees is minimal (meaning WE are PAYING YOU) and complimentary, up to our discretion. If you think you are a great model and deserves supermodel treatment, please DON'T attend the casting. You will be wasting our time and yours.