Friday, April 24, 2009

Excuses Conquer You versus You Conquer Excuses

I am amazed at the large quantity of aspiring artistes who dreams of becoming one, but somehow lacked the "wisdom" when called to actually do something about it. One example, I emailed a potential candidate to come to my office for a casting session. Based on her profile, I see she possess some qualities that might suit what the client wants. In the email, she agrees to come and set the time with the office. But when the actual day of casting arrives, she gave the office a call and gave the excuse that she had to go back hometown for some "emergency". This situation prompts me to warns everyone reading, NOT to cancel any meeting set at the very last minute.

The least she could do is to inform the office in advance and not called in AFTER the set apointment. First, it gives her an extremely bad impression, Secondly, the client is not going to hire again, might even put her on a blacklist. Thirdly, this is the industry that loves to talk, and negative news spreads faster.

Sometimes I wonder why new talents let excuses conquer them. Simple excuses like stomachache, not enough sleep, family problems etc. It's different if the situation is life-threatening, which is VERY rare. The real problem here lies with the ATTITUDE. A lot of new talents thought just based on their looks and style, they can get away with anything. I'm sorry to tell you, an incident will hit you very soon to wake you up in our local entertainment industry. On a sympatehetic note, maybe the new talent has not take any form of training or courses that would inform them beforehand in handling unwanted situations as described earlier. Who knows with some learning and taking some course, a form of tangible understanding and DISCIPLINE might be instilled upon the new artiste? Or maybe new talents are just too plain LAZY to learn at all! That is for you to decide.

From my experience, a new talent who is lazy at learning is definitely lazy to even meet an appointment. A truly good artiste will learn to overcome these flimsy excuses. How? First, you need to IDENTIFY within yourself what is pulling you away. Then set a GOAL in your artiste life as to what you want to achieve. Lastly, you need to set a COMMITMENT to follow that apointment. All these 3 steps are simplified versions, because it actually takes more than that. A good talent artiste will try to see beyond just some quick fixes. There is no shortcut to clinching a job. Constant learning and having an open mind is a must in the life of an artiste. If not, you'll just let those unseen petty excuses to drown you in your own little world, and your dream as an artiste may not materialise.