Thursday, April 16, 2009

Diva-ism versus Professional-ism

Sometimes casting directors themselves are being called by production companies for castings. I was invited for a casting last week. I thought, my, thanks. Usually talents have to scour for castings and not the other way around. So when I went to this casting agent's office, I was surprised he told me that I was a diva. I mean, me, a diva? Then it hits me that when an artiste reaches a certain point in his/her career, some people in the industry will label you as a "diva". This label, in my opinion can be a compliment or a curse.

A diva simply means an artiste is acting on his/her higher state as compared to other people arounds him or her, demanding certain criteria for a project. Do bear in mind that aspiring artistes cannot demand as much as an experienced artiste. Now put that concept against another label more aptly titled "professionalisme", and it takes on a whole new meaning. Being a professional means having the courtesy to enquire details about a particular project and setting a proper time and place for a meeting or discussion. Unfortunately, this is not the kind of treatment most struggling artistes are experiencing, even more experienced artiste are not spared by this kind of treatment. I should place the "diva" attitude on the industry instead, because most directors or even producers don't even care about an artiste's well-being and suitability for the project.

If only everybody in the industry acts more professional. Then I can safely hope that there will be no more diva attitude. One cannot exists without the other. Until now, that casting agent who called me a "diva" has yet clarify the reason why he said so. But I believe it occurs during one of the shoots, when he offered to take me to the location and I text message him about him being late. Well, can he blame me for text messaging him if I'm on time and he's late? Is that a diva attitude? Hardly, more like a professional problem. Sometimes it feels more like the casting agent was more of a diva than me. Hence, all aspiring artistes here, which do you want to be? A diva? Or a professional?