Monday, April 27, 2009

And the students perform....for a posh event!


These aspiring artistes are one of the most disciplined, talented and fun group I ever had. I foresee them to be resilient and strong, hopefully. They are: Wardee, Alysha, Melanie, Zul, Gina and Nur Shafiqah. Still under my tutelage and not even complete their course yet, they had already received an invitation to perform for a high-class event! I am extremely proud of them, for they did a great performance for an event held recently at an extremely posh restaurant in Sri Hartamas. What can I say more? I'm sure they don't think they did their best, but hey, to me, I felt you guys performed your best at the limited time given. If we were to have longer time for practise, I'm sure they could have done better. But the audience loved them anyway. KUDOS to you guys! Stay humble and patient, I'm sure more opportunities will come your way. And a special credit be given to Hanniz, the event planner. This is a group effort, and pray to God Almighty, we will be able to cooperate more in the future with. (Click above for a short video clip, for a little taste of these students performance)