Sunday, March 8, 2009

When you hear the thunder, do you think it'll rain?

I was half-asleep in the afternoon when I heard the thunder. It was supposed a restful day for me, after a day of hectic shoot and travelling. But the thunder woke me up. The constant "growling" of the thunder also reminds me of the plans awaiting for me for the day. So I woke up and quickly got ready to do the list of important errands. I also remembered the bring the umbrella and wore a pair of crocs, so my sneakers won't get wet when it rains.

When I'm outside, I could see the clouds slowly gathering in the horizon. All this time, my head was latched on the idea that it will rain. As the day dragged to the end, not a single drop of rain still. That interesting day compelled me to write this entry and also reminds me of a lesson. How often do struggling out-of-work artistes felt like nothing in their career is happening. The seemingly silent phone makes them feel like they are going nowhere, not progressing one inch.

But if your effort is done, and the "seeds" are planted (meaning you've been hardworking in attending castings and communicating with the important people related to your career), something is bound to happen. Doesn't matter the past failures and mishaps you've had with whoever you know in the industry. Something is bound to happen when you keep your faith and strive on. The sky may look still. You may be holding your umbrella, hoping to open it when it does rain. But only a distant thunder is heard, and the ground is dry.

When I reached home late in the night, it finally rained.