Thursday, March 26, 2009

Rule Number 1 When Becoming an Artiste: Be NOT afraid in making enemies

And the opposite is equally true. Do not be afraid to make friends ALSO. But most Malaysian artistes are more afraid in making enemies. And that could cause some deep insecurities to surface, which may result in our undoing. Especially when you're on set location shooting a film, commercial or anything. During this critical stage, an Artiste needs to be CLEAR, on guard and be aware of instructions given to move from one location to another, or act and gesture in certain ways for the camera. The pressure on location can sometimes leave some crew on location become extremely rude or uncaring.

As an Artiste, when encountering such "attitude", you should not be a puppet and just smile. Depending on the situation, sometimes you really need to speak out if you find it to unbearing. If you don't speak out, it might affects your performance later in front of the camera. The key here is COMMUNICATION. Now, also be aware of the things you want to communicate. If it doesn't affect you, please don't be a busy-body and stand up for others, because you don't know the full story. Try to focus on yourself and what you should do. This can be hard, because you're acting with other people as well. Sometimes people on set jokes, and you responded. But leave it just that. When it's time to work, meaning perform, you really need just do your part. That requires a form of internal discipline that can only be developed after years in the industry.

Even when you go casting, even when you don't intend in making any enemy, they do spring unknowing. Especially when you become famous, sometimes people dislike you for crazy reason. It all still comes to how strong you are as a person to face such adversary. Sometimes you have to "fight", but in a right way. Sometimes you have to speak your mind, but choose your words wisely and sparingly. Enemies and friends are no different really. They are people.

Remember to MAKE FRIENDS too. The waiting time on location can be very long. During this time, it's always cool to start a casual conversation. (but NOT gossip) Remember still that you're an Artiste. If you delve in gossiping others, the gossip-mongers may circle and you become the target too. It's different once you become an artiste. Show all the good, correct all the bad.