Thursday, March 19, 2009

A Happy Artiste is an Active Artiste.

Human beings are constantly doing things that please themselves. Know it or not, YOU are doing things that you think will bring you happiness in one way or another. YOU choose to be an artiste because YOU feel it is time you do something meaningful that could bring you recognition in any form (because all of us are fearful that nobody remembers us when we died, me included!) But in our daily pursuit of being an artiste, we need to constantly reminds ourselves what makes us truly HAPPY. This is because chasing after jobs is never going to guarantee us real happiness. I realised this point, because it's true that happiness lies in our ACTIONS, and never in the pursuit of a dream or ambition. The many simple acts we can do to help others can be devilishly satisfying. Below is what happiness means to me when I act:

I get to eat an extremely satisfying meal at an extremely cheap price!
I get a phone call requesting me to help a film director find talents for a big-budget local film!
I get to help an "ugly", most un-"commercial" look talent clinch his/her first job.
I get to do so many things in just an hour.
I get to combine what I love to do with what I can give to others.
I get to walk as fast as I could while carrying a bunch of stuff.
I get to connect one idea with another idea.
I get to "argue" with the foreign food vendors while not really understanding a word they said.
I get to buy a bunch of books at one visit, and taking my longest time reading it.
I get to watch a good film and being delighted by the meaning.
I get to interact with people younger than me and be enhanted by their innocence and extraordinary ideas.
I get to know a secret that nobody else knows.

And the list goes on, some I cannot put down. But you get the idea. It's all about our ACTIONS that give happiness. So don't sit on your butt, get up and do something, ANYTHING! Take a training course that makes you do stuff. Call up a friend and set a meeting for catching up. Or eat some foreign food just for the sake of trying new things.