Saturday, February 21, 2009

"Perfection is boring"

Recently, I watched American Idol and find the selection for the Top 36 to be exceptionally good mix. I also observed carefully the way the 4 judges gave their views and comments in selecting the Top 36. Finally, when it comes to the performance, I heard Paula Abdul uttered this line "Perfection is boring". Absolutely spot on!

Sometimes we love (or hate) judges who can speak on the audiences' behalf, what's buried deep in their minds, but were unable to articulate. I felt the line above rings true not only to the Americans, but here in Malaysia as well. The term "package" actually means the outer physical form of the artiste, and does not always refer to the talent herein. There was this absolutely beautiful girl who performed on stage, but sang not quite strongly when compared to other contestants. Ultimately, she did not garner enough votes for her to stay in the next round. Maybe she thinks by using her "package" she could get away with the most votes to keep her in the competition. How wrong it turned out to be....

Her elimination has validated the American public's choice in upholding talent above any "package", we here in Malaysia so cherished. What's the use of a good package when the product does not function as well as it should be? Can Malaysian public be so blinded by the "perfection" in the package and forgets the value of the product? I don't think so. I believed Malaysians are not that easily blinded by all the hoo-ha of the term "package". Malaysians are smarter than they are given credit for.

But that does not means the "package" is not important at all. What bothers me
is that almost crazy obssession many film directors and casting placed upon this almost unimportant criteria when selecting a talent. Here's when the blindness is reversed away from the audience and placed upon the local entertainment industry. The actual fact is, it is the producers and filmmakers who are truly blinded, not the audience. No wonder why so many older generation of actors are left without work after being in the industry for so many years. Veteran actors are rising in revolt against this silly notion placed on the young rising actors, and demanded for equal attention. Even the word "veteran" is scrutinized for its meaning.

Again, let's look to the west for some reference. You don't have to be young to be in the entertainment industry. You don't have to be super beautiful to remain strong in the career of choice. And finally, you don't have to perfect to be an artiste. Because eventually, like what Paula Abdul commented, "is boring!"