Sunday, January 11, 2009

Why do we say one thing, but do the other?

Now we all suffered this tendency once awhile to say one thing but do the other. In my lifetime, believe me, I've encountered my fair share of such people in the entertainment industry. There are a few casting agencies who promised you jobs, but in the end you have to buck up and claim the job for yourself. Even then, the guarantee of a job is not there. Even film directors change their minds often, and say one thing but do the other. So how does us poor artistes are able to stand for our rights? If you cannot hold onto the words of such "respected industry leaders", who else can we turn to? Can you fight back to these people and force them to do what they said? For new artistes, I pray for you to be wiser. When you achieve a bit of success, please do not rest on your laurels. Because the "say one thing but do the other" (SOT-BD-TO) mental disease is prevalent everywhere, and not just in the entertainment industry.

The recent massacre in Gaza, left many Malaysians shocked. It may make us realize how peaceful our country may be, but the perceived peace and freedom is not really comprehendable by everyone. There are many Malaysians who has the SOT-BD-TO mentality. And can we blame them for having such mentality? If the leaders are like that, the followers will do just the same. Isn't the world a better place if we DO exactly what we SAY? When we condemned the war in Gaza, have we not been guilty in endorsing American products and used them? If I read an article from any advertising executive condemning the war in Gaza, then he or she better know that there is the power to DO MORE than just posting ugly pictures of the war.

If only we DO what we SAY, people will believe us more. People will know you are dependable to execute what you promised. If only more Malaysian politicians do that. Normal middle-class civillians working hard, will know their hard work will not go to waste and be recognised for their effort. If only more Malaysian film directors and producers do that. Artistes are able to sleep restfully at night without the worry of where their next job income will be. Or resort to "evil" ways to get what they want. How can you blame artistes being like that? Nobody wants to be "evil" unless forced to. I dare tell you the recent newscaster and actress caught in the new year sex party fell prey to the SOT-BD-TO syndrome.

If only YOU and ME can start right NOW to DO what we SAY. I dare promised you that world peace, political, social and economic stability is achievable when we ALL do what we say. Start practising that now. Do exactly what you say you will do. Simple as that. No need to harp on cheap sentimentalities or pretends to have favourites in the industry. That is all rooted deeply in insecurities and fear. Doing exactly what you say projects your true strength and courage. It yields transparency and honesty, not fear. Everybody will then really and TRULY respects for who YOU ARE and not for your position or credentials. That, my friends, is true respect.