Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Remember to take notice the Young Father in Yellow next time you visit any 64 Employee Provident Funds (KWSP) offices nationwide

I went for the Employees Provident Funds internal corporate video shoot on Monday. It was quick, relaxing and easy. The production people were nice and not too fussy about the way the talents. The good thing is the talents get to eat alot, and I mean alot! How did I get this job? An old friend who is also the talent agent clinched me this role for the young Chinese father (gosh, am I that old?). When I met him, I told him I'm still young. The others who played the family is Samantha (my "wife), Kah Yee (15-year old daughter) and Kah Shiong (10-year old son).

We met at the Lake Garden, nearby Parliament. The place is really big, and thank goodnes I have the sense to request for the talent coordinator to pick me from the Masjid Jamek LRT station. I felt the main star is actually the grandfather who is supposed tp celebrate his birthday in the video. In real life, this grandfather is "confused", "loud" and bad table manners. (sorry, uncle, but it's true!) Confused because he doesn't know how take simple intructions from the director when he asked him to catch the balloons thrown at him, and not to look at the camera. Loud because during times when we are waiting for the crew to set up for the next scene, this uncle would blabber away and always refer me as "young man, young man...". I felt obligated to answer him and show him what he should do for his part during the shoot.

And as for table manners, this uncle took my food without my permission after we each ordered our dishes. Gosh, only this uncle character stood out like a sore thumb throughout the shoot. When my order for Nasi Goreng Amerika came, nearly everybody at the table looked at my tempting dish, which comes with an extra plate of delicious meat. Naturally, Sam, the "wife" asked for permission to taste, which I gladly allowed. But this old uncle just takes it from my plate without asking for permission, shamelessly! As for others, they were extremely easy and non-chalant.

But it was nice to see all types of people interacting with each other. That's the beauty of being a talent, you get to meet many types of people. Some is a joy to work with, some is a pain in the ass. But beyond all these, I felt glad I accepted this job which will be shown in all the EPF offices. It felt almost like a private film I'm shooting with a ready captive audience and the EPF offices acting like some kind of free cinema, distributing this work. So the next time you visit any EPF office, and waiting for your number at the lounge and watching the internal TV channel, do take notice of the scene where a young chinese father in his yellow shirt with his family. That's me.