Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year Resolution: To become Super Boy

This is a bit crazy for New Year resolution, but secretly I wanted to be a Super Boy since I were a child. When I was younger, I always thought I can do what the superheroes did in the comic books. When evil comes, good always triumph. When they're in any sticky situation or near death, superheroes alway manage to overcome all obstacles. It is with this strong resilience, that I am so drawn to the superheroes species.

They also possess 2 kinds of identities. Hmmm, only this characteristic that I find to be unnecessary, because if I were a superhero, I will be myself anywhere I go, anytime, no need to hide. Be true to yourself, correct guys? One living example is my yellow shorts. Heck, do you see me wearing a mask when I did that dance? There...proud to be a superhero I am.

Now lies one sticky problem. Where do I start in becoming a superhero. There are so many of them in the universe already! I can't be competing with them, and fight them? Well, knowing that I'm already a "superhero" myself, I can only pick one superhero closest to my ranking, and that is definitely Super Boy. If I were Super Boy, I would use my:

SUPER-POWER HEARING: to really hear what other people are saying about me, all the good and bad.
SUPER-POWER STRENGTH: to build a house inexpensively with my bare hands, minus the construction and lifting costs, for the homeless.
SUPER-POWER SPEED: to deliver mails and packages, by charging a fee to be channeled into maintaining the home for the homeless.
SUPER-POWER SIGHT: to see what other people are doing secretly in their own rooms, so I can create real-life stories for my future films.

And lastly, I will add another element in my superhero suit that I believe NO other superheroes in the universe have: my SUPER-POWER LOVE, to eradicate all hate power channelled to me and turn it into love. This power is harder to pull off though, since I am not all perfect, and needs love as well. But one thing I learned: when I give love to others, love eventually comes back to me. Gosh, that's the most amazing feeling above any other superpowers even a non-superhero can get! And that's a comfort to learn, because nobody can be a superhero all the time.