Monday, July 14, 2008

The most controversial role in my career...yet.

I'm holding back my anger, as the doctor pulled herself away after explaning herself to the family members about the patient's kidney condition. When everybody left, I confronted the doctor head-on and gave her my piece of mind. I explained to her about the real world, in the effort to crush the fantasy she had created in order to create false hope. These are just one of many interesting scenes I'll be playing in the upcoming NTV7's new medical drama series titled "Ampang Medikal". My scene-stealer performance will be featured on the 10th Episode "Loyalty is An Under Rated Thing", where obviously the loyal person is me, where I'll be the main star for that episode. The series will premiere next month, August, if everything goes well.
You'll just have to watch it to believe it, because I never thought I would allow myself to play such a role because there's a controversial element to it. My character's name is Christien Liew, a tall, good-looking young man in his twenties, dressed in the latest metrosexual mode, so described by the script given. Well, I never thought of myself as that way before, always thinking myself more of as an Ah Beng (a normal Joe) and it was a pleasant surprise that someone actually believes that I could pull off such a charasmatic role. The director trusted in my abilities and respected my talent, that's probably why he entrusted me with such a gem of a role. It'll be good for my body of work, because now I can proudly say I've done pretty much everything in the world of acting. Is there anymore challenging role for me?
This is also another fine testament that I am a professional actor who'll do my best in whatever role any film director trusted me with, and I am not what this other director called as "nagging" or other negatives she might conjured to others. UPDATE: The premiere of this episode is on 14th October on NTV7.