Monday, June 23, 2008

How Does One Nagged When No Real Meeting Took Place?

There is this director I respected (notice the past tense). I don't know whether she's a nice person or not. She requested me to act in her new film, in which I immediately agreed due to the respect I had for her. 8 months later, with no communication whatsoever, not even a proper professional meeting or casting with me, she said I nagged at her! For God's sakes, we haven't even meet in person or talk face-to-face! What gives that person (no matter how great or many awards) the right to judge me and labelled me a nagger? So it looks like the big bullies the small.

This director stays behind her computer and writing and monitoring her blog, ever watchful of any bad comments while continuously advertising her accolades and so many awards week after week. And in the comments section, collecting compliments for her success. Nothing wrong with that. In fact, I even praised her and wish her well. With not much thanks in return, of course. The wrong thing is when she deleted the sections of my comment and making it seem like she's all correct! Worst, she labelled me as bitter and a nag. I respect that, because it's her blog. Now here in my blog, let me reveal the full extent of my comments. Here's how it looks like at the final touchdown with her before she bans me from her blog:

Laughs cynically. Kris, Idealist, the positive traits are innate! Peaceee!
jumpingjane Homepage 06.21.08 - 8:07 am #

We shared the same page, her sentimentalist and my idealist. (this comment she deleted from her blog)
Kris Law

ok, kris law. don't be bitter! try to wear a green boxer --it might help to calm you down
Yati Paseng 06.20.08 - 5:05 pm #

If I am bitter, then the storyteller is the biggest bitter of them all because she replaced my happiness with her bitterness. (this comment she also deleted)

(NOTE: This important section of her comments was deleted by her. What I remembers is she bullied my yellow shorts and me sending constantly sms-ing to her. Of course I have to, because there was no call from her to ask me to meet and talk about the film project! In fact, this shows how much dedication I wanted to put for her in the film and she cannot even see that. As days turns to months, which actor in his right mind is not worried??! At least when we meet, then we can talk and the director can explain what I must do. She judged me right away after reading my blog and accusing me for being a nagger. In person, I am as docile as a pet and able to take instructions and try my best to meet any director's demands. ONLY IF WE GET TO MEET IN PERSON AND DISCUSS. In which she did not even bother to do! The worst thing is, whenever I commented on her blog asking about the upcoming project, she kept quiet. Only when I expressed my dissatisfaction, then she began to say something and burst out with her snide comments. This director just don't understand proper communication with the actors, and straight away judge the actor without even humane meeting! Come on-la, if you think your actions are correct, then you don't have to hide away my comments. One tip: it only makes you looked more guilty)

jumpingjane Homepage 06.21.08 - 10:34 am #

Your belittling threats does not scare me, get it?
I'm not afraid of you and your fans here.
Kris Law

yasmin 06.21.08 - 11:09 am #

full mark~~!!
apiz Homepage 06.21.08 - 11:13 am