Sunday, April 6, 2008

Thunder struck a building's rooftop afire the moment I wrote this.

Seriously, thunder struck outside my friend's office, where I wrote this piece. I was using my friend's computer at Masjik Jamek, just opposite Mydin. Suddenly, the lights went out! Everything, including the computer where I wrote this piece about colours all disappered! It happened at exactly 5.55pm today 6 April. My heart skipped a bit, because I really put in the thought in the writing. Thankfully, I got the piece out again the 2nd time. Phew...All praise to the heavenly power above for showing that you agree. Here's the piece:

When I was a boy I was Colour Blind. Even when my mother taught me about the different colours in the rainbow with a rotan in her fist, I was still Colour Blind. Until I was old enough to leave home, then only I allowed myself to be lured by the different wonderful colours of the rainbow, and loved them all so passionately even if they weren't originally from the rainbow spectrum, be it black or brown.

My colours are still blind even when each colour I came to love gravitated towards each other to form a group and left me out. This rejection left me to become this little lost blind colour roaming in the big blue sky, with the hope to be associated with any colour group.

Then one special day, I became well-known in the whole of the rainbow world and was associated with the brightest colour of them all: Yellow. Soon I began to see pictures, lots of pictures and was amazed. The amazement doesn't last long when I realised my colour came from one part of the rainbow that is dominant with only one colour in its pictures. Immediately like magic, my Colour Blindness was taken away from me by the Sun.

But I was lucky to occasionally spot some other colours in the big blue sky. The palate may still have its dominant scheme of browns, with a spot of yellow and black here and there. But I still pray to the almighty Sun, that it'll eventually become a beautiful rainbow again.