Wednesday, April 16, 2008

"Insel der schönen Maide"

As an actor, I have a very simple principle. If anyone respects my talent, and offered me a job, then I will accept it and do the best I can, regardless of the part. There are few genuine offers nowadays, is either the director said something about giving you a part, then kept silent for long periods of time, which eventually leads to nowhere! How frustrating and unfair to the part of the actor who has openly agreed to accept it due to the respect given to that particular director. And I am talking only about the locals.

How refreshing it was when a director from Germany who offered me a part for his short film project. That's a different story. I met him one fine afternoon at the swimming pool. His name is Peter Wolfgang Schwirtz. I was in my swimming trunks and passed him several times, in which he gave me a smile. After a few laps, I came up all wet and he approached me with an offer. He introduced himself and explained his interest about seeing me in his film set on a beautiful island somewhere nearby Langkawi. It was an all-expense paid affair, and only takes about 3 days to complete shooting. He complimented me about my looks and said I have the "beauty of a woman with primal masculinity."

The trip to Langkawi was beautiful. At the airport, I met with 11 other girls who looks very Pan-Asian, but I suspect some to be Persian, all foreginers. We didn't talk much to each other, but I was the only male in the party. Wolfgang said the shoot is very private, and no pictures of the shooting location is allowed. I even have to get permission to write this in my blog, in which he agreed to as long as I keep the details general. The skeleton of the production crew consisted of 6 crew, all Germans. Everybody was very nice to each other, and talked mostly in English because no one understands each other's native language. The island was kept private and not revealed to all of the talents except it is owned by a rich local tycoon. I couldn't care to ask much, considering I am actually getting paid quite well for this acting part, which requires no speaking dialogue, only body language and expression.

Wolfgang already briefed me about the short film, which is going to be shown privately in Berlin for a rich businessman for his viewing pleasure, and to commemorate the death of his wife. Throughout the 2 days in the island, we stayed at this beautiful house, complete with Pinoy servants. The 11 girls were dressed quite revealingly and shot around the island. There weren't much storyline or dialogue in the film. My scene particularly has me in the neck chain, and wearing a leather and linen loin-cloth that makes me look like the Asian tarzan. My scene were mostly serving the maidens, played by the 11 girls. I have to pour olive oil on one girl named Tiger Lola and massage her scalp and hair. Other scenes I have crawl under a pile of leaves and embracing the ground in rapturous-like feeling, as directed by Wolfgang. I also have to dance around the fire, and roll myself around the mud. When there are close-ups, I would have to exaggerate my expressions like those done in the silent film era. It was fun and tiring at the same time, but hey, it's all work.