Friday, April 11, 2008

Holes in My Squares

Today I went for my massage by this blind masseur. He just opened his shop with his other friend who is also blind. To attract their customers, they got this on-going promotion, where each new customer will receive a card. For each visit, a hole will be punched into the card. The card consisted of 10 squares. If you've taken 10 massages from them, they will give you 1 free massage.

So the card is important to show the completed punched 10 holes in order to qualify the customer for their free massage. Since they are blind, I often reminded the masseur to punch the right hole correctly. This is because I want the free massage. I shouted, "Punch the hole correctly, ok!"

My fear came true, when the blind masseur punched the holes too close together, and not in the squares. So when I brought this up, the 2 of them laughed hysterically. I wonder what's the joke. And more importantly, what's wrong with the 2 of them!

The task of punching the hole in the card seem like an arduous task to them, judging from the time the blind masseur took to inspect my card and feeling his way through, then reaching for the puncher and measure the card. They also keep an extra card as a record for themselves, so that means they have to measure the 2 cards! When I found out, I asked them why they keep an extra card, and they said they're afraid their customers will punch the holes themselves without their knowledge, so as to unethically qualify them for the freebie. From that point on, they laughed! Probably relishing their clever scheme of having 2 identical cards.

The process will requires them to put the 2 cards together and slid it in the puncher to punch. Sometimes they missed the square and make a hole outside the square. As blind as they maybe, they can massage my whole body very well, but when it comes to a simple task like punching a hole in a square, they missed the mark. And laughed like 2 hysterical blind mices which makes me wonder even more.