Sunday, March 30, 2008

Thank you for all your emails...and here's a respond.

I know you guys have been questioning me about my latest film project and also some personal questions (sorry, no comment for that one, hehehe!). Thank you very much for your emails, though I cannot reply to each one of you. But it means a lot to me for it shows your interest, no matter how small in my career development. I hope to be able to answer some of your questions thru my entry here.

The two directors are from Singapore and Australia. The Singaporean director is still in the script development stage for a new English-Hokkien-Cantonese comedy, and he already has me in his mind for developing one of the main characters. The Australian director is actually doing a telemovie here in Malaysia, in which it will be shown on Astro channel. I have already met the team and they were extremely pleasant and cordial to me.

Firstly, I am still in the negotiating process with several directors. I cannot divulge their names yet, because nothing is confirmed. I admit I have openly posted an entry on director Yasmin Ahmad's new film "Talentime", in which I have yet to receive any news from her except a word of her interest in seeing me perform. I have to keep that entry from public at the moment, because Yasmin has already got her main. And of course, I might not appear in her new film at all. It's harder for me to take on a film role if required to wear the yellow shorts. Some people hate me for no reason for this act. Maybe that's why it's so famous. The question is whether I could let myself go through this Yellow Shorts madness again.

Other than that, my schedule is filled with other non-entertainment related activities. For Josie's question about seeing me less now in Malay dramas, the answer is because I stopped taking bit parts. I do not wish to appear on TV for the sake of keeping a media presence. Come on, I am not desperate-la. I just have to be patient and discipline myself to becoming a more substantial actor with calibre. Even if I were to "disappear" entirely from the entertainment industry, because of not accepting bit parts and appearances, so be it. It's time for me to move on and grow. And no, Aboy, I don't like to think about enemies and betrayal. I am too small a person to have any real enemies.

Thank you again, for your emails. Please keep sending me for I love to hear your comments. For new actors, if you need my help, I will try my best to match you with the right contacts, though please don't expect an immediate response for any job. I know some of you get to know about me because of your friends' reference whom I have helped in getting some acting jobs in the past. But I cannot guarantee the same will happen to you, only I will try. I got a case with this female talent who hated me for no reason because she didn't make it thru the audition and concocted all sort of stories which involved her sister along. As talents, winning and losing a job is part of the learning process, and you cannot blame anyone for your own shortcomings. For those who are new to this blog, thank you for visiting and if you wish to reach me, you can email to