Saturday, March 8, 2008

I worked heart and soul to make Yellow Shorts a recognisable brand.

I was once interviewed by a group of university students who wanted me to explain the significance of the "Yellow Shorts Mania" (coined by the university students, not me) to the local popular culture, as one of their case studies. It was a surpise to me, because I never could imagine that I would become a case study being studied in a test tube and being broken down to pieces to be examined.
Well, as humbly as i could, I told them it was simply an act of differention. I was an advertising student before, and I know how hard it is to create a brand. Without sounding pompous or self-centred, I wrote to these university students that somehow a mere and extremely normal mortal like myself, needs something bigger than myself in order to achive any means of impression to the audience at large. Hence, branding is the key.

A brand, in its simplest term, is something that everyone remembers. When I was at the devising stage, I wanted a brand that everyone could connect in some way, be it emotional, physical, even spiritual. I also wants the brand to be expressed SIMPLY, meaning that it requires no elaboration of whatsoever, and it got me thinking in visual terms. Words are good when you want to explain in more details about the brand, but VISUAL is actually more powerful because it can crossed over any language or perception barriers. Finally, I want the brand to be able to evolve and able to adapts to CHANGE.

After all the above has been straightened out, now I need to attach meanings and emotions to the brand. In other words, how would the audience respond to it. Now, these could only happen when the brand becomes famous. The good thing about fame is, the brand will be able to assess the emotions. The Yellow Shorts actually encompassed a wide spectrum of emotions. Below are the recorded responses:

LOVE: The colour, HATE: The dance act, HAPPY: The colour of brightness, HUMOUR: The dance act, BRAVE: Performed on TV, POLITICAL: Sexual in its nature, SINCERITY: Because of the truth of the performance with no intentions to insult anyone except for the person wearing it...and etc. All in all, to create a shining brand requires heart and soul. To explain these, is a bit tricky because it requires a form of sensitivity depth that is able to see the environment in which the brand is currently living in and what it seeks to achieve from its branding.