Thursday, August 9, 2007

Misadventures on a Ski Bike (I write because my butt hurts)

Just came back from an extremely tiring shoot. The TV commercial was shot at the park: Taman Tasik Perdana, sandwiched between Parliament and Carcosa hotel. I was on the Ski Bike, pedalling on water, with the camera crew in a boat attached. It was an extremely hot afternoon and I have to sing with all the silly and exaggerated actions as required by the director. He asked me to move my body and shake my hips, which is not a problem for me but NOT while pedalling on water! It was crazy, and really tiring because the song came in 3 languages: Bahasa Malaysia, English and Mandarin!

I have to squeeze in (as if my butt isn't tight enough already rubbing away the hard rubber seat) all the actions and exact timing of receiving the handphone at a certain angle, then acted surprised to see the handphone appeared, acknowledged the guy passing me the handphone, then start singing the jingle (which is really a catchy tune and lasted like 5 seconds for my part), then moved my shoulders exaggeratedly front and back, shake my already aching hips on the bicycle seat which combs painfully in between my anus, remember the lyrics and exact moment to return the phone back in the second last part (or the first part alternately) of my part of the jingle. During that time my mind was like a train track with too many trains at its crossroads, further compounded by thirst but none of the production crew could come to us and give me water (so they have to throw cans of beverage at us like some pariahs on a raft escaping from angry villagers but I was too busy remembering my actions and couldn't get out from my seat to grab the flying beverages because the pain sort of glued me in) and ironically we were in the middle of the water!

There were many takes and retakes, while we on the Ski Bikes were being maneuvered by the engine boat, sometimes uncontrollably by two ropes anchored by two pullies at the bay as intructed by this peculiarly critical giant of a man that gives harsh directions, whom already sank one of the Ski Bikes with his heavy weight and threatens to bring all of us down with him. There was a water fountain that spouts plenty of water at our backs, endangering the camera circuits whenever we are near it, then we have to stop what we were doing and wait for the cameraman to wipe the lenses carefully like an eye doctor treating a patient. Overall, the director complimented on my efforts and secretly took out a small camera from his pocket and snapped a picture of me, already exhausted on the Ski Bike, not knowing that my butt is still on fire.