Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Now I know why Ms.Ursula Andress is highly misunderstood

"This bikini made me a success."

In the mythic scene when a woman rises out from the water of the Carribean Sea in a bikini (reminiscent of my Yellow Shorts performance that got me noticed), the world finally has a new sex symbol. She was only 26 (same age as me when the hype of my Yellow Shorts started) when the world got a glimpse of this raw talent. It is also one of her legendary moments being copied the most the world over. Her affair with many men only adds the negativity surrounding her. But behind all these sexy and scandalous smokes and mirrors, I could feel that Ursula Andress is also one of the world's most misunderstood human being.

Strip her away from all the glamour and dazzling costumes, you get a girl who came from a poor background, a struggling actress trying to prove herself despite all the harsh criticisms and outcast treatment being thrown at her. She's not the conventional standards of Hollywood beauty and figure, since she possessed quite a proportionate body. Like any other person in this world, an artiste is just someone wanting to be recognised for his/her ability. And like any other human being in this world, an artiste needs to make a living. Maybe in her desperation and hunger, she succumbed herself to the vixen imagery in order to get the attention needed in a sea of conformity.

"If the role demands it, then naturally I will remove my clothes."
How can the arts/creative world be so restrictive in its view of people? Does death or any impactful statements need to be made in order to be recognised? How about pure talent and ability? Unfortunately, a scene needs to be created, no matter how "humiliating" or unconventional at that time. Maybe because each of us human being are afraid to recognise a talent, and seeks to fit into the mould. No one dares to question the current mindframe and stereotypes so rapidly being preached, for the misfortune of being labelled as unpopular. Perhaps everyone needs to understand this "fitting into the mould" mentality in order to appreciate a unique talent that is being labelled, laughed at and scorned....