Thursday, June 28, 2007

Where are all the fun-loving girls? They all came for StarCeleb audition...

More stories from StarCeleb audition: A crazy girl pushed me in a wheel chair while we were waiting for our turns to audition. You know how long the waiting period can be. And a majority of the people who came in for audition are beautiful girls. It surprises me that these girls are not the proper and composed sort ladies, but instead they are impatient and "wild"! They were chatty and many were practising the script for the hosting part (maybe the tension of waiting and memorising their lengthy script that cause their hormones to go mad). I was exhausted from looking at them, because that morning, I didn't have any breakfast! (only a can of Milo) and for vanity reasons that I might look puffy on screen if I eat anything. My exhaustion was later uplifted by this crazy girl who asked me to sit on the wheeling-chair so she can give me a nice push around the room.

Hehehe, she's crazy! You may wonder why a wheeling chair was there in the first place. Well, the male host of the show, it seems met an accident, and have to use the wheel-chair to enter into the hotel (that's the venue of the audition). During the shoot, he left the wheel-chair there and used the crutches. That crazy girl made such a fuss and noise with the other girls when they recognised me from my other shows, they conspired to make me lose my concentration. So she politely asked me if she can wheel me around. Oh, wheeled me around the room she did! (while the other girls were cheering) That daredevil-gone-mad girl sped me thru the room and halted right in front of a wall, just to scare me and see my reaction. Such fun....And of course, one production crew came into the room and shusssh her up. Thank goodness I was the "victim", so I pretended and responded with an angelic smile.