Monday, June 25, 2007

My fanbase don't even use the internet!

Even after the historic Malaysian Idol show, I never really knew who my real fans are, until now. I have been living in a daze, u can say, after that brief yellow moment. People don't actually recognise my face from that show, mind you. In fact, after much much hard work and plenty of castings, I finally managed to star in one Malay drama series "Seribu Erti", which is currently showing on TV1, every Sunday 10.30pm (I cannot star in Chinese drama because I cannot read chinese mandarin, yes, i am banana) Haaaah, from then on, I began to have fans coming up to me and say they recognised me. Maybe I am living in a cocoon or some small bubble, these fans of mine don't actually use the Internet. Seriously, I am not joking. My fame from Malaysian Idol only further helps my fans to really recognise my face again when they watched Seribu Erti, indirectly helping that TV series gain higher ratings.
My fans are very normal people I meet everyday around my neighbourhood. They don't wear fancy clothes, have fancy homes or anything fancy and expensive at all. You can say they are free from all the trappings and complications of life, very much like monks. They don't care how popular you are, or think they're better than you or how much money you make in a month, (there's no attitude or snobbishness) They don't even care what clothes you wear, as long as you have ample clothing for covering all your erogenous areas. On the other side of the coin, a lot of people either think themselves to be too clever to ever be humble to learn or simply too humble to be clever to ever speak out. Why such "unnatural"ness and crass hypocrisy? Why can't one be free to ever be themselves and have fun making a fool of themselves? That way, you won't view life so seriously and probably live longer.
Because of my fans' extreme informality and unsophisticated view of life, the expression of their adoration comes out to me me genuinely and my heart melts right that instant! Maybe that's also why I seem like such an out-of-this-world figure to them, for they've never known anyone who ever been on television before. From the small screen to real-life. Imagine their fascination and admiration on you when you are being approached. Argh, it gives me the tingling sensation.

But you know what? These are the fans I most appreciate. These are the people I met around my neighbourhood, serving me food and such. They are mostly blue-collared, and they were such sports. Once I entered the restaurant, one of the helpers screamed, and then followed by other smaller "screams" like a timebomb just being set my entrance. Gosh, the feeling and adoration I get. That's really something indescribable, even after a tiring day. The energy I got was simply electrifying. Isn't it better if you can have all your fans like that? I can be just myself and they'll love you anyway for who you are. That's what makes a fan, a true fan.