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Why I won't waste my ticket money on this "all asian cast" movie #whitewashing #astroturfing

A movie created by the top 1% richest to fool the rest of us
I don't like or enjoy writing anything negative. But after I withdrew my Youtube audition video for this movie last year, I've received many questions, compliments and threats of my action in my mailbox and social media for expressing my shock at the casting of the male lead. I have to clear my name, for my shock is valid - HE'S WHITE, NOT Asian (or whatever Asian nationality he claims to be for he only holds the UK citizenship) and without any acting experience!

Why should I suffer a bad rep for a movie I'm not even paid to be involved in?

Because I'm a pure Asian male actor from an actual Asian country.

Disrespectful of Other People's Personal Brand 
My audition video received so many views, but I took it down immediately after what I found out. So here's my explanation in all its length and breath of an angry pure Asian man for being robbed of his attention and manipulated from his own desperation to seek work. In this article, I won't even mention the movie or the book or the actors' names, because you already know which title I'm referring to. Let me be the one targeted, abandoned and shunned by Hollywood like the Asian Jesus on the cross so others can know the truth on this white sham that seek to be normalized into the lives of our children. This white sham that systematically bent on shutting off any image of a genuine pure Asian male in any leading role on the big screen so as to convert a generation of whitewashed movie-going audience a kind of mentality that blindly accepts hypocrisy, materialism and blind consumerism as a way of life. Truth is, I want to disassociate and be AS FAR AWAY from this movie as possible.

Based on market research, Asians are exploitable. Especially young female Asian.
I used to love Hollywood movies before, but not now. They did market research on the target market of the movie first. They found out that the new generation of Asians are keen to see themselves represented onscreen but am afraid to speak out against whitewashing. First and foremost, would you watch a movie that treats its audience like they're stupid and dumb? The troubling thing is, a lot of young and unthinking people in their 20s and early 30s are easily influenced by the media. This target market would blindly accepts such movie, especially Asians, since it claimed to represent us. The market research done on us by that movie producers and studio have found that Asians are mostly quiet, non-vocal and prefer hard work to achieve their dreams honestly and steadily. That's why this market research fact emboldens these movie producers to exploit the Asian theme and community.

Movie that "create conversations"? Shut it off
They know we won't dare to speak up against this modest budget 30 million dollars movie production for fear that we won't be hired or represented in their next project. That's why they are constantly saying to the press, claiming this movie "creates conversations"and "create so many milestones and history for Asians". As if Asians don't know how to talk among themselves or are creating histories of their own in their own countries. This further shows their hypocrisy. They really think Asians are dumb, mute and stupid. Certain Hollywood producers used this power to silent the dissenters. Not this Asian man here. I'm going to say SCREW YOUR NEXT PROJECT and be as vocal and honest as I could be in my writing, for the money ain't flowing where it claims to be. Now I'm showing these hypocrites, we, Asians can have conversation without any help from an unimportant movie that makes big and false claims.

If an actor with English name can claim to be Asian, why not with my name I can't claim to be English?
It's very easy for white guys to play Asian roles but not the other way around. The romantic comedy genre is mainly dominated by straight couples, where the target is mainly females. It's boring, outdated and done to death. Rich man saves poor girl.  The world is full of such people, who are desperate for some kind of representation, to see themselves on the big screen. Rom-coms is a form of propaganda to instil the ideal fantasy of being in love and getting married or in this case, the world of the rich and decadent living. This movie is positioning Asians as someone to be saved or rescued. Are we really such damsels in distress for representation? More important to my question to them is, for what reason? The movie is derivative in everything, from the story line to stereotypical characters, exploiting the Asian theme to its maximum.

The Picture Don't Match The Words
The bulk of the acting money goes to the lead actors, and the male one doesn't even have an Asian name, let alone a surname! Trust me, he's white. It's outright lie to falsely claim to be Asian or even half-Asian. The son follows the father's lineage. His father is British Caucasian. He's a UK citizen. There's no argument whether this lead actor is half-Asian or not. The simplest explanation is always the right one: He's white. He wants to break into Hollywood the fastest and easiest way. He sees the opportunity: pretends to be Asian to star in an Asian movie for Hollywood.

Blinding Audience with False Promises of Luxury
Luxury, opulence and high society can kiss my ass for pulling wool over my eyes. This illusion and aspiration of being the richest has put many people into debt and suffering, enslaving Asians into working for little pay. In the real world, the gap between the rich and poor has never been so wide. Jobs are harder to find (because it's mainly reserved for the higher class) and prices continue to soar - rendering many into debt and bankruptcy. Worst still, this movie has taken jobs away from real Asian male actors. Insidiously, this movie has taken job meant specifically for Asian men, cutting off any financial viability for this group so they will remain the underdog and always subservient. This way the the so-called half-Asian half-Caucasian can continue to breed their brand of whitewashing through Asian females - notice that only the lead actress has a Asian surname in the movie credits?

None of the main actors in this movie is holding any Asian country citizenship. All the profit from the movie box-office goes back to USA and UK (the actual country where the male lead is from)

Pretending to Champion Asian representation
This movie claims to be the first all-Asian cast in a movie since Joy Luck Club back in the 90s, and "creates history". This bold and often incredible claim can be a great selling point for a movie, especially targeted at young Asians who didn't grow up in that era. Young Asians are mostly new graduates from school and still searching for themselves in this world. Most are still learning, and they don't know about Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and Memoirs of a Geisha in the 2000s or even watch better quality movie like "In The Mood for Love" that is the epitome of Asian representation. We must get our facts right, before making bold claims. That's why this group is targeted for they are most easily deceived and whitewashed. Certain studio movie seek to deliberately miseducate the young public into believing certain false points. But the older public knows better.

Sham Casting Call = Sham Movie = Sham Lead Actor
In an Asian movie, you need BOTH leading actors to be Asian in order for it to be called real Asian representation. How can you have the male lead a sham (he's born and raised in the UK) but the female a full-blooded one and called it an Asian film anyway?  In hindsight, this supposedly all-Asian movie cast might not be ideal for the rest of Asians around the world but cater more specifically to Asian Americans because apparently even a sham Asian male lead could pass off as Asian for them. This movie already made a serious false claim in its worldwide press release. But prior to that, before the actual production even, they dared to conduct a so-called " worldwide casting search for Asian main and supporting actors".

You don't need a "movement" when the real enemy is yourself
Thousands of actors, including my foolish self, submitted our videos online with the hope of being in a Hollywood movie. The truth is, most of the cast have already been selected prior to this sham "worldwide casting search"! That casting was really a cheap ploy to con the public into paying attention to the movie, so as to gain traction from the online public before it goes into production. If you've already posted your Youtube casting video, you can always pull it down. Don't expect others to give you a job on that casting video alone. It can make you feel good temporarily at the number of views, but the money ain't coming into you, dumbass!

Real Exploitation, False Representation
Then why this carrot dangling approach aimed at us, poor desperate actors just seeking for a job?  To these devious, manipulative and profit-seeking producers sitting in their high and mighty pedestal, we struggling actors are seen as just mere pawns in their gigantic scheme to trap our attention and glorify their own "noble intention" of producing an all-Asian cast movie that "represents Asian diversity". So as an audience, would you still go and buy a ticket to watch that movie when it's out? As for me, I won't be a stupid donkey. Or be treated like one by going to watch it in the cinema or even buy the DVD or watch its online stream. The carrot is totally non-existent! And we eventually become the donkeys in the end for consuming it. Stupid still, giving our money and attention away. The credit and success ALL goes to that white leading actor, not for Asian representation! Wake up, fools!

Bleak Future for Real Asian Men in Hollywood Films
Besides their implicit falsehood that already robbed our precious attention in the beginning, now they're proudly and explicitly showcasing the "revolutionary cast" of the movie, where none of them I even heard of before. And most of them don't even take acting seriously, with a majority of them working as models, TV host or rapping Western music. Most of them only knows how to act snooty and snobbish, and pretty much nothing else. Do you know that half of the main cast are all half-Caucasians? One mixed with Japanese Caucasian or some other kind of white cocktail. While the truly pure Asians are left in the background serving as waiters, gay sidekick, bar girls, chaffeurs and servants.

If You Support a Movie for a Cause, That Means You're Being Used (or you're paid to support it)
Yes, this movie is explicit in its portrayal of the social classes. The rich must at least be half Caucasians or great at pretending to be Asian because they are perceived to be more beautiful, sophisticated and refined. So they picked an ex-TV host who came to Southeast Asia and took all the well-paying TV jobs away from the native because he couldn't find work in UK by leveraging his mixed parentage looks and tells the world he's Asian and representing them until he landed his Hollywood gig. He managed to con the author of the book too with his Mr.Bean charming English accent. It's his first acting role, and they already give him the lead over other Asian men with years of good acting credentials just because he's British. Without any prior acting experience, how I wish I could land a leading male role that quick and easy.

Making a Mockery Out of Asian Representation
My plea to these cunning producers: Please don't pull us back behind in the progression of Asian representation and lie to us vulnerable movie-viewing audience in your pathetic false advertising. Right at our face! No wonder that movie poster was defaced and smeared with graffiti in Canada and hated around the world. This was done in defiance to false advertising where these producers know they can get away with it due to a large studio backing and its press machine working overtime to cover its tons of misdeeds by sticking to their noble intention of "creating conversations" and showcasing diversity through its multiple press videos. I would politely inform them to stop making a fool of themselves and downgrading this mission that many real Asians around the world are truly fighting hard for, some even sacrificed their whole life! Not this half-assed, trying to "look pretty and claiming to save and represent Asians around the world" kind of self-glorified Asian movie. Sickening. Can't they just admit that they only want us to buy the ticket for the movie when it's out instead of making a mockery out of Asian representation?

Using Asian Heritage for Career Advancement
As fellow actors, I'm always happy for and applaud other fellow actors despite their race, age and background who succeed in clinching any role of their careers. You deserve all the success due to your hard work! But I will be extra cautious and reserve my praise when encountering a double-headed snake type of actor. This type claim to be Asian whenever it suits him, for he can immediately switch back to his Caucasian roots, British, Singaporean or whatever he claimed. Which he did! This leading man, after clinching his first male leading role in an all-Asian cast movie, got offered to act in his second Hollywood film - a mystery thriller.

But here's the catch - it's an all-white cast. If you're a pure Asian actor, NOT even the blady script and audition would be given to you for how strict the script can be written in its specificity on ethnicity. This double-headed snake actor is accepted so easily into it because truth is, he doesn't look one bit Asian at all! Come on people, he's white from UK! Even his name is not Asian, except how he claims to have an Asian mother, but really from indigenous jungle tribe. After he got his second leading role in an American all-white cast, do you still think he cares about being called Asian anymore? Like what I said, be careful of double-headed snake. Give them a little success, and forgot about you the next minute.

Don't let the Rich get Richer
This "all-Asian cast" movie actually comes from a best-selling book. To qualify for a best-selling title, you only need to sell over 10,000 copies of book in the first stage. That's laughable for those in the know. I've read the book and it's cheesy to the maximum and so wonky in the entire story plot aspect. The characters are stereotyped so humorously shallow, it crosses the line of being disrespectful and offensive to Asians. Derivative in everything and putting in luxury brand names in the mix, assuming it would give substance to an already shallow plot. It's so pretentious and melodramatic, watching an episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills or Dynasty is way better than reading or watching that movie when its out. At least the Real Housewives don't pretend to be authentic and claim to create a conversation for Asians. Or maybe the author himself copied a page from the reality TV series.

Taking jobs away from talents who are truly deserving
This movie was created by the top 1% of the wealthiest Asian in the world. Why should the rest of us 99% get so caught up with his idea of "Asian representation" and support it? Taking advantage of his rich background, the author intentionally wrote the book to further his need for attention. He doesn't come from a poor, struggling artist background, mind you. He's actually from a super wealthy family, just like the ones in his book! Already fat with his money, why should we go and pay for the movie when it comes out? The movie studio stupidly gave him full, complete freedom in casting due to his super rich background, and look at what he selected! This inter-Asian discrimination is rife among the wealthy Asians, because they think they deserve "the best" always and when the person is half-white, he's immediately perceived to be the best or better than full-blooded Asian without any second thought. Besides, really rich Asians look nothing like the way it's portrayed! He argued that the leading male role was written in his book to be of mixed parentage. Then why won't he change the title of his book to be more accurate like Whitewashed Rich Half-Asians?

Gives Hollywood a Bad Name
Already in the Southeast Asian talent pool, half-white talents are always paid more than their pure Asians counterparts in commercials and prints. Most of these haipas act very entitled and full of their own high regard, as if the whole world owed them a living. The leading male role is always paid more than the supporting cast and given the most credit if the movie does well at the box-office. Perhaps the author is whitewashed himself without knowing, blindly kow-towing to these haipas talent, wishing to be accepted by them in any way. Pathetic. He spent his schooling days in an international private school, go figure. It must be the trauma of not being accepted in the cool haipa group during his teenage years that results in his need to create a fake Asian movie as a way to attract attention from them in his now insecure adulthood. With his money, he won't spend on his own people but channel it out from his own community, thinking at least when he's hiring a white guy pretending to be Asian in the lead role would be able to attract the white majority audience, more international audience to pay for his movie opening? How stupid does he think we are? This is how wealthy people squander their wealth and abuse their position to control us, the unknowing masses targeted especially those in their teens, 20s and early 30s.

Brits gets Leading Male Role Instantly, Full Asian continues to toil for years
Southeast Asians have endured this kind of abuse from dictators to corrupted politicians, that's why it's so easy for us to see through this scam. This is the author's first time producing a movie, you see. Maybe he doesn't have enough experience and failures in his new career as a movie producer, hence the amount of missteps and offensive public stunts. So does the leading male actor - his first movie, and already as the lead! Most of us poor Asian actors would start off as extra, slowly climbing our way through years of casting (rejection) to finally landing some interesting character parts, then supporting roles. But due to his mixed parentage, boom, his first movie - his FIRST leading role. He doesn't need to experience the hardship real actors had to go through, like years of rejection or starting off as extras. Let us all open our eyes, not be fooled by the good looks or glamour and follow the money trail. Eventually, it's OUR movie ticket money they're after. I won't let the bulk of my money flow to them! Their FIRST big failure would do them good. Teach them some humility and respect for authentic Asian people.

Pretending to be the Victim on Daytime TV
I can forgive a movie with false advertising if the talents behind it are genuinely nice and decent folks. But would you still go watch that crap when the male lead talent (I won't mention his English name) used his social media to target at smart people who actually sees through such hypocrisy and blocked them from having any conversation in his social media? And at the same time, telling the press the casting of his role "encourages conversation"? I was the one blocked in his Instagram, even though I NEVER once visited or even post a comment on it. The blocking happened way back when he was announced as the lead. What a hypocrite. In daytime talk shows, he went around in either self-pity or doubtful-at-first mode, telling audience how he became the victim of social media backlash for this male leading role and how he had to consider many times before auditioning for the role (like he's some kind of movie star already).

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.
Yes, this leading male actor is extremely cunning in using the so-called backlash from social media to his advantage and make himself looked like a victim to gain sympathy votes or positioning himself to be doubtful of accepting any acting offers, as if he doesn't want to be a famous movie star. The point he didn't mention on TV was, it was he himself who does all the social media blocking on others first and made us Asians look like the bad guys. And he definitely wants to be a movie star so he can block out others who are actually hating the movie, NOT him. Who does he think he is, anyway? Nobody cares about you, dude. You can buy as many Instagram followers all you like with your ill-gotten movie money.

Using Astroturfing as Marketing Tool
Already he thinks he's better than the rest of us. Sure, when the movie comes out, be sure to block it out from our viewing list too. More surprisingly, even that movie producers do the social media blocking of anyone who sees through their lies. This action of blocking vocal dissenters is a sign of their own perceived superiority is actually fragile. Many of the comments and reviews you read supporting the movie are all part of astroturfing marketing - meaning paid supporters to give that movie a false image of success. They have a clique and bond among themselves that isolates them from us, as if they are the industry and we are the outsiders. Exactly how rich people separates themselves from the poor.

Let their Hypocrisy be their Downfall
But they forgot one major point: Without us cinema-going public, their movie will never be successful. We'll see how effective their hypocrisy in astroturfing, blocking and censorship of social media can then be. Instagram followers and Youtube viewership can be bought, so having millions of views or followers is not a guarantee of box-office success. Don't be fooled by their whole outward show of success and millions of likes on social media expression and outward support for Asian representation in Hollywood mainstream movies. It's all PURE SHOW of false success and hoopla just to get us to spend our hard-earned movie ticket money. Countless articles are generated online to urge movie-goers to watch this movie, with 100% rotten tomatoes, touting it as the best or a must-watch even before it releases. Now, how do these article writers knows that it's any good except that they've been compensated or bribed in some way to support that movie? There's even a so-called movement to ensure the movie halls are packed when this movie is out. You don't need to create a movement when the real enemy is yourself.

This movie creates more separation, division and confusion among Asians. Let's NOT watch it.
So in conclusion, let us imagine IF this movie do becomes a box-office success. The leading male actor (with his white name hashtag) will get all the credit for the success, and none of it will be attributed to Asians, who are mostly in supporting roles. He even hashtag this movement with his white name, selfishly wanting all the glory for himself. If this movie gained more money from the box-office (which it will), this will further affirms their superiority over pure Asian talents (and further denigration of Asian male leads to total non-existent) and sure proof of our own misplaced values and future downfall. What is to become of our children's future if they're not of mixed parentage or whitewash educated, especially our sons? What if your pure blooded Asian child wants to pursue a career in acting and be given an example of this crap of a movie that falsely claims to represent them?

We, as Asians must not be intimidated by those in power and carry false hopes that these powerful people is doing us a favor. We must realise the fact that we are, in fact, being exploited and used by them for their profit, not ours. This movie is sure going to make money from the Western audience, through online streaming and merchandising - but don't let it make money out from us. They may think what they created is doing good to the world by so-called "creating conversations" about Asian representation. But all we need to do when the movie comes out is: DON'T BUY THE MOVIE TICKET. 

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In summary, please refer to the ccomment I posted on Ellen youtube channel where the movie trailer is shown. This in response to another reader, posted below.

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